Shekhar Vijayan

I love engaging, entertaining and inspiring everyone around me. I have performed in India and internationally in Australia and London. As an entertainer and motivational speaker I have performed at corporate events, sporting events, book launches, product launches, property launches, cultural events, festivals, marathons, business conclaves, after parties, movie premiere, wedding, anniversary, birthday celebrations and special events for dogs. As an author /writer I have co-written a book called " Dare to Dream ' and I am in the process of publishing my second book in the next few months. As a fitness coach, I help individuals in staying fighting fit through my personal story of losing 40 kilos in one year, bringing my waist size down from 46 inches to 32 inches by just running 15 km every day and doing a plank every one hour and eating right.

Leading By Example

How did it happen?

“My moment of truth was when the commode, and a plastic chair I sat on broke, resulting in sardonic jokes being cracked on my astronomical weight gain. I realised I don’t want to live a life where I weigh 125 kilos and measure 46 inches on the waist with no clothes fitting me.”



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